MYnstrel responds to Music Fans’ most common questions

After listening closely to music fans, MYnstrel has answered the most frequently asked questions on their minds:

  1. What does MYnstrel do for Music Fans?
    • If you love music, MYnstrel is going to be your favorite place to experience it, plain and simple. When we’ve completed our Core System, you will be able to get the music you’ve wanted, in the way that you want to experience it. You’re not going to need or want to surf the peer-to-peer networks anymore, risking viruses and decreasing the life of your computer from incessant read-write operations. The cost of our music experiences will range from free to affordable depending on the depth of involvement you want. MYnstrel is going to bring all of the music products you’ve seen before right to you, and add even more fulfilling music products that you haven’t even dreamed of yet.
    • In the meantime, we invite you to click on “Music Fans” on the top menu of our site to learn all about what you can get right now from MYnstrel!
  2. How is MYnstrel different from other music companies?
    • Other music companies come in three basic flavors. They are either small businesses run by successful artists (such as indie record labels), or they are major record labels with long histories of propping up big-time artists in a game of high-risk-high-reward, or they are new technology companies or retailers such as Apple and Amazon.
    • All of these three flavors have significant weaknesses in the new music industry. If they are adept in music, they can lack business skill (you can see the financial figures from the last two decades to understand lack of business acumen). If they are adept in retail or technology, they are missing both music business prowess and music knowledge.
    • Because other music companies today lack balance and the full breadth of necessary skills, their products and solutions are missing the mark, and lack pragmatism. What music lovers have needed for a long time is a company that has superior knowledge of technology so that we’re always pushing the cutting edge. We’ve needed a company with music business acumen to keep the industry healthy, and to keep all of the artists, support staff, and music business professionals paid and making decent livings. If the business isn’t good, the products will also decrease in quality. We’ve needed a music company that knows music – led by artists who understand the heart of what music is all about.
    • Artistry and musicianship is the heart of MYnstrel; it beats strongly and passionately. Technology is the brain of MYnstrel, leading the way to new innovations that will continue to amaze Music Fans. Business is the body of MYnstrel, giving you great experiences at great prices while keeping the workers in the music business healthy and creating the best new content and products for you. MYnstrel is the perfect balance of artistry, technology, and business.
    • There is no music company in the world like MYnstrel.
  3. Is MYnstrel like another version of iTunes?
    • Absolutely not. The old products and services that are offered by companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are not even 10% of what MYnstrel has planned for our Music Retail sector. We are also not only in the business of Music Retail. We are in the entire business of music, so you will see products and benefits from us that other companies will never be able to offer to you.
  4. How much does it cost to join?
    • The cost of our music experiences will range from free to affordable depending on the depth of involvement you want. Even before our Core System is completed, we are providing you with free music articles on this website through our online journal/news/blogging platform and many other free items. We invite you to click on our Music Fans link at the top menu of our site to discover how MYnstrel will begin enhancing your music experience today! This is your chance to stay on top of the music revolution that MYnstrel is building each day!
  5. Will you sell songs or albums, and how much will it cost?
    • Our music retail shopping experience is much broader than just buying digital songs, albums, or CDs. Of course we’ll still offer customers these things, because we intend on giving you ultimate freedom and choice! We will always price such products competitively with current trends. MYnstrel’s prowess in business will ensure that you get the highest quality goods at the best prices.
  6. Can I transfer the songs I buy to my mp3 player? Do you support Copy Protection / Digital Rights Management (DRM)?
    • MYnstrel does not support DRM. We have invented new business avenues and products that ensure that our artists can make careers out of music, and keep themselves financially sustained with their hard work. Supporting artists is important because it keeps the best music rolling out of the studios.
    • If Artists can’t support themselves with their art, and they need to work other jobs, then they can’t focus entirely on their music to make the best songs. Then music becomes a privileged activity that only independently wealthy people can take part in, which limits the broad experience that keeps music interesting and relatable to diverse groups of people.
    • The increase in media theft throughout the past decade was prevalent enough to cause massive layoffs in the music industry, and destroy the major-label careers of many great artists who got lost in the shuffle (upwards of 88% piracy in China, and 10-50% in the West and Japan). MYnstrel does not believe that DRM is the best solution to piracy. We have much better ideas that respect our customers’ freedom, and more importantly – our solutions do not presume guilt until proven innocent, like DRM does.
    • You will be free to transfer your songs acquired through MYnstrel to any device that our technologies support – and we will aim to support as many formats and devices as our partnerships allow. Some partners with different philosophies about music might not want to cooperate with the music revolution that MYnstrel has invented. At the time that our songs become available, we will let you know who those partners are, while we continue to encourage them to free Music Fans and Artists like MYnstrel has.
  7. MySpace, Facebook, and Social Networking sites try to market music to me. Some of the features are really annoying, people spam you, or music just pops up at you when you don’t want to hear it. People put stuff in my face that I don’t care about. The music sites are confusing a lot of the time when I do want to visit them. Are you guys going to be marketing music like those social networking sites?
    • Absolutely not. We don’t want to say bad things about MySpace and Facebook – those sites are made for socializing. The trouble is that they get their money from advertising dollars and foot traffic on their site. That means that their fundamental financial interests have nothing to do with the heart of music products – only the number of page hits they can generate. So music will always be an adjunct concern for socializing businesses, and not a primary objective.
    • It will take a REAL music company whose only focus is music to provide you with the music marketing and discovery features that you want and deserve. It will take a company like MYnstrel. We will not rule out partnering with socializing sites wherever and however it makes sense to deliver you the most value; but we will not be constrained by the fundamental boundaries that socializing sites will always have in regards to music marketing and discovery.