MYnstrel responds to Prospective Founders’ most common questions

After listening closely to the founders who we’ve had the privilege to interact with, MYnstrel has answered the most frequently asked questions on their minds:

  1. How is MYnstrel different from other organizations that I could donate money to for stake in the ownership?
    • The original founders of MYnstrel know technology, music, and business, and they are unique in every aspect. They have amassed incredible potential and capability in the absence of any privilege and against many odds – a true American dream. MYnstrel is service-oriented with the people we interact with, our founders, but our mission.
    • With rigorous engineering problem-solving backgrounds gained in renowned universities and corporations, the inventors of MYnstrel have supreme strategies and analysis that will drive the organization to success. They even applied these skills to inventing a startup model that has innovated entrepreneurship itself. As a founder of MYnstrel, you have the opportunity to take part in this groundbreaking development in entrepreneurship.
  2. Can you give me a summary about your leaders’ experience as entrepreneurs and businesspeople?
    • MYnstrel leaders have driven multi-million dollar programs and projects to success in complex industries. On these projects, we have worked with Microsoft, Chemonics International, BridgeStreet Worldwide, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Simplexity LLC, Applied Information Sciences, various Medicaid and Medicare organizations, the US Army, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, US Department of Defense (DoD), the US Air Force, Republic of South Korea Armed Forces, UK Ministry of Defense (MOD), NATO, and Electronic Arts to name a few.
    • High-tech enterprise systems development requires some of the most talented, disciplined, and capable people. With decades of diverse management experience in big business and small business alike, we run the gamut and bring impressive and unique abilities to the business of music that will send shockwaves throughout the entire industry. Our leaders strive for the perfect balance of innovation, management, and skilled labor. With medical and military precision and efficiency – we are creating incredible music experiences for fans and artists beyond their wildest dreams.
  3. How am I going to make a difference through MYnstrel’s mission? Can I know what my role as a financial backer will be compared to other founders?
    • Our inventors and management team have a very clear purpose. We open up our mission to founders and share with them our rationale for pursuing various efforts. For new founders who are serious about getting on board, we will align your desired contributions to the needs of our mission and explain how you will make a direct impact in relation to the organization as a whole.
    • Our culture of freedom and openness will provide you with the information you need to understand your role and potential with our organization.
  4. How are financial contributions managed by MYnstrel? How will mine be used?
    • MYnstrel invents projects and specifies them accurately. All resources are accounted for and justified. If you prefer, we can apply your contributions tactically to specific initiatives that you feel strongly about, or we can maximize the impact across our entire mission by strategically applying your contributions to various projects. We are open to discuss these matters on a per-founder basis.
  5. What is the allowable range of contributions? Are there maximum or minimum limits to the amount I can contribute?
    • The only limitations to our contribution ranges are based on our strategy. We will define initiatives well and steer them to success. Because we take the financial and labor contributions of our entrepreneurs so seriously, we will not seek contributions that we cannot put to efficient use immediately or in the near future.
  6. What are your reporting capabilities and procedures?
    • MYnstrel’s reporting capabilities are fantastic. We have metrics that value all ongoing labor and financing. We have metrics that analyze the music industry at large. We have metrics that measure our planning and budgeting efforts. What more could you desire? How about a team of engineers who have delivered enterprise business, medical, and military systems now applying their excellent skills towards sophisticated systems for the music industry? MYnstrel has invented and continues to develop these enterprise business systems.
  7. How can I get on board and join the team as a founder of MYnstrel?
    • We recommend that you start by reviewing the Founders homepage by clicking on “Founders” at the top menu of our website. After reviewing this information, you may continue through to the “New Founders” inquiry form by following the links on that page.