MYnstrel responds to Prospective Teammates’ most common questions

After listening closely to the prospective teammates who we’ve had the privilege to interact with, MYnstrel has answered the most frequently asked questions on their minds:

  1. What opportunities are available to me through MYnstrel?
    • No matter what skills and education you possess, MYnstrel could be seeking a relationship with someone like you! There is much more to the business of music than just music.
    • Maybe you love music and have wanted to get involved for a long time. Maybe you have been working in the music industry for a while and are intrigued by the revolutionary ideas that MYnstrel has invented. Maybe you are an ambitious person who has always wanted to live the American dream and have a shot at being at the forefront of a startup company that is poised to rock it to the top. Maybe you have never thought about working in the music industry, but you are attracted to the kind of organization and community that MYnstrel has built.
    • MYnstrel provides unique opportunities for music, the business of music, and entrepreneurship. We encourage you to view our currently open opportunities and apply today! A great place to start is by clicking on “Careers” located at the top menu of this site to get a fantastic introduction.
  2. Are there project-based or long-term opportunities with MYnstrel?
    • There are both. MYnstrel leadership has incredible expertise in Project Management and business organizational strategy. All of the efforts that we execute as a team are targeted, planned, and meaningful. Some of the opportunities we have are short-term projects, while some efforts are ongoing and long-term. When you show interest in joining MYnstrel, we can align your project preferences with the many opportunities that we have in our queue.
  3. Do you have part-time or full-time opportunities?
    • We have both. Depending on the project and initiative that you are engaged in, there will be differing availability for scheduling and target dates. We have members who are working as little as 5 hours per week and we have members who choose to work up to 70 hours per week.
  4. I’m a huge music fan and passionate about helping my favorite artists succeed, but have no real business experience – is there anything I can do to help?
    • We’re excited about your love of music! Your passion makes you a great fit for the MYnstrel team. We’d recommend visiting our application form, and seeing which opportunities might appeal to you. If we have not listed opportunities that align with your abilities, we still encourage you to apply, as we can contact you when we gain new opportunities that match your profile.
  5. If I choose to contribute money, how will it be used and what return will I get?
    • Please visit the Founders Homepage by clicking on the “Founders” link located at the top menu of our site. There, you will begin to learn about how you can increase your stake in the company if you have money that you wish to use for the betterment of the MYnstrel mission. Time is money, and so all the value that MYnstrel tracks with our proprietary startup-financing software is measured and reported in various ways. We have the most objective and accurate startup financing and valuation model in the history of modern business.
    • Your money will be used transparently and effectively, and you will join the proud circle of founders.
  6. If I choose to invest my skills and time, what will I receive for my efforts?
    • There are various compensation models you can choose with MYnstrel. You might want to be an owner of the company and join our founders, or you might want to be compensated for your work with equity in the most objective business startup model in the history of modern business. Our model is based on the fact that time is money, and we have incredibly sophisticated ways of tracking that value in an objective way. We also have consulting and employment opportunities with cash compensation. We are even able to combine these various compensation models to satisfy your needs and goals.
  7. What are MYnstrel’s short- and long-term goals?
    • Our short-term goals are to grow the community of MYnstrel revolutionaries and bring unique products and services online that help the community and grow our business so that we can expand it to provide even greater value to music fans, artists, and music biz pros. Our long-term goals are to complete and deploy the clandestine Core System that will send shockwaves throughout the music industry, and to become the preeminent music technology and music business partner of the 21st Century.