The Music Industry Has Gained a Benevolent Gem!

WASHINGTON, DC – January 4th, 2009

MYnstrel, Inc. today announced the launch of their revolutionary music technology company that promises to build a solution for the real challenges and obstacles that artists, music fans, and music business professionals face. By providing innovative technologies, industry support, and new business opportunities, MYnstrel will empower and connect all music patrons and providers through their cutting edge Enterprise Software Systems and music business process innovations.

MYnstrel’s Core System, to be released incrementally and sustainably over a period of years, will benefit Music Fans, Artists, Music Business Professionals, record labels, and venues.

According to MYnstrel CEO Thomas Kurek, “Minstrels of centuries long past went through a period of comfortable patronage to a period of desperately wandering the streets for work. As the music industry has suffered crushing losses and chaotic changes over the last few decades, it seems that history is repeating itself.

The MYnstrel concept is a pragmatic music community of Music Fans, Artists, Dancers, Music Business Professionals and others who have come together to democratize music once and for all, using the ideals of freedom, dedication, innovation, confidence, passion, exuberance, and community. We, the members of the MYnstrel community, have identified the unstable, high-risk, high-turnover, free-for-all that has become of the business and technology of music.

For too long, we have seen degradation of the business and art of music for various reasons. While our Core System gradually crescendos over time, we shall continually make careers in music more rewarding, and invent new music products that give music fans a new, higher-than-ever standard for music experience.

MYnstrel was founded by skilled artists. We bring our unique education and experience in technology and business to the music industry, in the hopes that our own music may be elevated alongside the music of all our artists and fans in the MYnstrel community.”

MYnstrel promises to deliver viable alternatives for all fans of music. One Washington DC music fan stated, “One thing I have been looking for in a music label is something different. I am kind of getting tired of what I hear on the radio.”

Other MYnstrel founders, Nathan Radcliffe and Anthony Abbruscato, look forward to working with artists in ways that will create new opportunities. Nathan states, “These are exciting times. We at MYnstrel have been looking forward to working with artists on a new level for a while now.” Anthony adds, “This will definitely be a non-traditional experience for these artists and fans. I cannot wait to show them the attention they deserve!”

MYnstrel plans to immediately start working with artists and music business professionals to share their knowledge and experience with the deserving fans. The founders have vast experience in multifaceted areas of problem solving, business, technology, and engineering. Being passionate musicians themselves, the founders have formed an appreciation for artistic creativity and seek to embolden artists to express themselves in any way they wish. They seek to solve many of the enduring challenges the music industry has faced for decades.

MYnstrel has a number of exciting projects under development. Likely candidates for FY09 release include their Media Studio, Merchandising Program, and Website Design and Promotion Services. Simultaneously, MYnstrel’s technology team will continue to develop our brand implementation, brochureware, MYnstrel Compass, MYnstrel Caravel, MYnstrel Couridiom, MYnstrel Guilds, MYnstrel Herald, and MYnstrel Identity (along with other music systems that we cannot yet announce).

Our products, services, and technologies will offer unique, innovative, and personalized experiences – enabling artists to grow their act regardless of their level of renown. At MYnstrel, everyone receives professional treatment, from the high school starter band to the seasoned professional act. MYnstrel believes that when talent and motivation are nurtured fairly and benevolently at every level of progression, the possibilities for our music and culture are endless!

We are the future of the art, business, and technology of music. We are MYnstrel.