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MYnstrel features artists in various genres who we think will impress music lovers. We critique the artists’ work and share with you what we think is so great about it, from the perspective of knowledgeable artists. You’ll not only find great new artists, but you’ll learn how expert ears find value in the hottest new tunes. Our critics have spent decades calling the right shots – time after time predicting new bands that would become mega-stars.

The artists that we spotlight deserve great publicity and attention; they have a lot to offer us. We are pleased to deliver you an unsurpassed, street-wise view into the cutting edge of music. You can count on the MYnstrel expert music analysts to find the freshest bands in their genre of expertise.

What’s more, the Artist Spotlight becomes a living, historical, permanent extension of the actual album itself! Just like the album art, the lyrics, the music, the video, and the photography that make up incredible albums releases, a MYnstrel Artist Spotlight is a permanent positive and enhancing supplement to the music!

MYnstrel only selects the best of the best for the spotlight – the albums that knowledgeable artists and music fans can justify with real substance. It’s not a trite review, forced upon a large media company to push the numbers. The Artist Spotlight is a prestigious publication that adds a timeless extension to the best albums that are made – it passionately grants the distinguished honor that the best artists deserve.

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MYnstrel invented the Music Advocacy Journal so that Artists and Music Business Professionals can come together and stay on top. The Music Advocacy Journal features analysis on music industry trends and critical changes to the landscape that affect how we consume music as fans, compose and produce music as artists, perform music, make a living with music, and deliver music to our fans as music business professionals.

MYnstrel has access to some of the best music analysts in the business. We frequently identify new topics in the music industry that are relevant to Music Fans, Artists, and Music Business Professionals, just in the course of our daily achievements. When we discover and analyze new things that can help your music experience, we’ll author and publish new articles here with hot and cutting edge info that will keep you ahead of the game.

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MYnstrel publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep music fans, artists, music business professionals, teammates, and founders informed about important events and developments in the music industry and with our company. Our quarterly newsletter serves as your free music magazine, full of the unique insight and interesting features that you have come to expect from MYnstrel.

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