MYnstrel employs methodical change management

Here, we have compiled a revision history to the MYnstrel music platform. We will add entries here as new MYnstrel technologies and music business systems are completed and deployed. You can count on us to methodically execute our plans and keep you up to date on the progress!

We hope that the progress reporting here will excite you as much as it excites us as we continue to deliver ever-increasing value to Music Fans, Artists, Music Business Professionals, Founders, and our Team.

Release 2009 Q1 – 01.04.2009


02.01.2008 – Concepts, geometries, shapes, colors finalized
04.04.2008 – Concepts turned into functional designs
08.24.2008 – Design expounded upon to create functional website skins
12.28.2008 – MYnstrel™ platform subsystem brand names unanimously approved: Compass, Caravel, Couridiom™, Guilds, Herald, and Identity


05.10.2008 – Music Fans, Artists, Music Business Professionals, Founders, Careers homepages finalized
06.14.2008 – About Us, Mission, Core System, Business Startup Model, Products & Services content finalized
07.05.2008 – Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, Help Homepage, Quarterly Reports content finalized
09.08.2008 – Music Fans’ FAQs, Artists’ FAQs, Music Business Professionals’ FAQs, Founders’ FAQs, Career Seekers’ FAQs finalized
12.27.2008 – About this Site, and Revision History content finalized


02.11.2008 – Conceptual Site Map finalized
03.12.2008 – Side module generation determined for each planned page
07.10.2008 – Completed integration with ‘Tree View’ technologies for full Site Map display to user
07.28.2008 – Completed integration with ‘breadcrumbs’ technologies
08.14.2008 – Completed integration with website top menu, page titles, browser titles, and tooltips


06.23.2008 – Integrated with a popular Internet Search Engine Web Service API
11.29.2008 – Integrated with MYnstrel Guilds
12.07.2008 – Integrated with MYnstrel Compass for provisioning content metadata


09.12.2008 – Data Architecture finalized and implemented
10.03.2008 – Web Control generation completed, supports: Textboxes, WYSIWYG Editors, Checkboxes, Checkbox Lists, Radiobutton Lists, Drop Down Lists, List Boxes, Date Picker, Number Text Box, Currency Text Box, Combo Boxes, and File Uploads
11.04.2008 – Form submission completed
11.22.2008 – Automated validation for web controls completed (created validators for People’s names, internet Urls, email addresses, US Phone Numbers, Number Ranges, Date Ranges, Text Character Count, Various Uploaded Document Validators)


10.16.2008 – Data Architecture finalized and implemented
10.28.2008 – 54 opportunities finalized and posted for the Guild system for the MYnstrel organization
11.08.2008 – Browse feature designed and implemented
11.29.2008 – Integrated with MYnstrel Caravel


02.17.2008 – Format for the Press Release feed finalized
04.19.2008 – Format for the MYnstrel Free Press (Corporate newsletter) finalized
09.28.2008 – Format for the Artist Spotlight finalized
12.26.2008 – Format for the Music Advocacy Journal finalized


11.20.2008 – Bios Data Architecture finalized and implemented
12.09.2008 – User Interface for the Bios Profiling component completed