MYnstrel’s groundbreaking Core System is under development, and meanwhile we are offering the products and services that the Core System will enhance. Please peruse our offerings at your leisure:

Downloadable Content

MYnstrel offers various downloadable products. If you are interested in DVD or CD of any digital recordings or documents, please inquire for our catalogue and pricing. Here are just a few examples of things you will find while doing business with us through our various channels:

Music Recordings

Free for a limited time, you can download MYnstrel CEO Tommy Kurek’s performance of Gavotte by Leo Welch. It is a relaxing Classical Guitar track off of one of Tommy’s albums (© 2002 Thomas E. Kurek): Classical Guitar, Gavotte, composed by Leo Welch – performed by Tommy Kurek.   Please inquire for a download of this amazing performance!

Video Recordings

Free for a limited time, this performance of Tommy Kurek’s special rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is sure to make you want to wave a flag around with glee (© 1997 Thomas E. Kurek). You can watch the YouTube video for immediate play:

Or, you can inquire to download a copy of the video Guitar Fangled Manners by Tommy Kurek.

Electronic Publications

You can access our publications online, but in addition, we offer digital versions so that you can take our magazines and newsletters with you and read them offline, whenever you want. Please inquire to download a sample of The MYnstrel Free Press, Volume 1 (© MYnstrel, Inc. 2009).

Ring Tones

For your electronic devices, we offer ring tones that you can download. You will have to configure your device to use the sound file as you prefer. Free for a limited time, this sample from Tommy Kurek’s dance/pop album features custom synthesizers and a retro sound that will make you feel like break dancing in the international space station.  Please inquire for a download of the Solar Eclipse Ringtone (© 2000 Thomas E. Kurek).


MYnstrel builds downloadable entertainment-related software. Here are just a few of the things our software does:

  • Manage your music, video, and entertainment preferences
  • Author, transmit, receive, edit, extract, encode, decode, play, store and organize audio and video
  • Enable the hosting and distribution of digital content over computer networks
  • Enable the creation of digital content for distribution over computer networks
  • Enable audio, video, text and graphical content to be accessed on-demand or via a subscription over computer networks
  • A host of other secret and proprietary music technologies that none of our competitors are even close to offering!

A select few Washington DC area customers have been using our software for years – and it just gets better every quarter! Please contact us today to find out more about our systems.

Music Business Consulting

Do you have an issue you need resolved regarding the art, business, or technology of music? Having trouble with your artists? Are you a label in need? Do you have a venue that would like better shows and better turnout?

Please contact us today if you are interested in hiring MYnstrel’s talented staff to provide products and services in the areas of:

  • Music Marketing and Promotion
  • Live Performance Support
  • Music Publishing and Songwriting
  • Artist Management
  • Audio Recording
  • Professional Services
  • Learning & Education

Media Retail

Are you looking for a great electronic/internet retailer for your music, video, and entertainment products? Contact us today – we look forward to reviewing your product catalogue and seeing what we can do for each other!

Music Marketing & Promotion

MYnstrel uses the internet and proprietary technologies to market and promote artists. Just a few of the implementations we have already deployed include the Artist Spotlight which promotes some of the hottest albums that you’ve been deprived of hearing by no fault of music fans or artists. We have also deployed our online database of classified listings – a product we call MYnstrel Guilds. You can see an implementation of this system that we are using for our own classifieds for MYnstrel Careers.

Music Business Journals

MYnstrel might possess revolutionary music business minds – but we’re not going to be selfish about that knowledge. We are so confident that our intellectual capital is not reproducible by our competitors that we do not fear sharing our discoveries about the business of music with the world. You can view our first publication online 24/7 – the Music Advocacy Journal.

Music Merchandising

Have you ever thought of a brilliant product that represents the image and spirit of your band, only to lose that inspiration from not knowing where to start to get it done? Do your fans connect with your artistry in the way you do, or fully understand your inspiration behind your image-based products such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, key chains?

MYnstrel is not just another merchandising company. We are committed to connecting artists with their fans and contributing to the passion each artist pours into their work!

No matter what type of music you play, how big your following is, what image you portray, or how varied your goals, MYnstrel will provide you with a stress free solution for all of your merchandising needs. We will find the vendor, support your pricing model, manage your purchase orders, and optimize your search engine advertisements online!

For more information contact us today; we look forward to connecting with you!

Podcasting, Webcasting, and Entertainment-related Communications

Product and service pic 1

Want to broadcast your material on the web, but don’t know where to start or how to do it? MYnstrel has the answers.

We’ve even captured one of MYnstrel Founder Anthony Abbruscato’s performances from 2008 and podcast it for your enjoyment. His drum solo features jazzy-rock smashes on a completely electronic drum set that is touch-sensitive to his emotion-driven beats. Drums have been used for millennia to communicate battle orders. Let former-Army Captain Abbruscato show you how he preserves those traditions with the recording-help of Matt Ellis.  Please inquire for a free download of Electro Mix Drum Solo by Anthony Abbruscato.

As if this wasn’t enough, we’ve developed a music-based communications system to connect music fans and artists. You can even see a piece of it in action, the MYnstrel™ Couridiom™ system, which generates web forms on the fly and captures responses in a structured manner for efficient processing of the person who built the form. We’re using Couridiom™ 1.0 on this website for our communications.

Please contact us today if you are interested in podcasting, webcasting, or entertainment-related communications with MYnstrel!

Electronic Recommendations

Many music fans may be familiar with Pandora, or the type of recommendations that Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple provide to you for music they think you might like. MYnstrel’s recommendation system has been baked into our software and our Core System. In addition, you can see our very special recommendations at the Artist Spotlight. These recommendations are like awards in a certain aspect – thorough analyses by expert musicians purely on the grounds of excellence in musicianship and artistry.

Music Publication – Copyright Administration

Product and service pic 2

Have you wanted to be able to make the most money off of your hard work in creating music? Did you know that licensing published works (your copyrighted music) accounts for almost as much money spent in the music industry every year as actual music sales (CD, digital, etc.)?

Ever thought about a big established band, running dry on their inspiration, stealing your innovation and calling it their own, only to leave you in the dust? Have you hesitated to put your music out there because you’re afraid that your hard work will be copied or stolen? Well, knowing your protective rights will provide you with the feeling of security, justice, and ownership that you seek while making your works a public phenomenon!

MYnstrel will help you to publish your music as the first step in solving those problems. We provide you the knowledge to make an informed decision and protect your creativity in the way that you deserve.

We will teach you the differences and subtle nuances between performing arts and sound recordings. In addition to handling your Copyright, if you so desire, we can educate you on Section 106 and 107 of the US Copyright Act, the application process, rights of the authors of copyrighted works, the benefits to copyrighting your material, and the fast protection you can provide yourself.

We’re looking forward to helping you ensure your voice remains yours; for more information, contact us today!

Media Studio Services

Do you have a vision for your music, but feel constrained by the parameters most studios place on you? Have you ever desired a hassle free studio experience in which the engineers, producers, and mixers were musicians themselves and understood your goals? MYnstrel is here to provide you with the professional level studio experience without the red tape. Our goal is to offer multiple products and services that enable artistic liberty and provide artists with the tools and resources to take control of their own success. You choose the products and services that best suit your needs, and MYnstrel will consult with you and establish a sound recording plan to propel your creativity!

Express yourself on your own terms, join the MYnstrel community, and contact us today for more information on studio services that we offer!

Auditions, Competitions, Talent Finding

Product and service pic 3

Finding the right talent is a critical part of the music business. If you’re an artist, you might have your head around what sounds good, but are you confident that you can successfully audition that missing member just by asking “is this contestant skilled, do we like them, and can we hang out alright?” If you’re planning to host a live performance, you might know your target market, but do you really know how to connect that to the pool of talent available? How will you find the most contestants to maximize your options?

At MYnstrel, we apply our industry leading knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive audition and competition services so that you can find the right talent for any particular need. Just a few examples of our past clients’ audition and competition needs:

  • Bands that need to find new talent, replacements, or fill-ins
  • Any business that is looking for live artists to fill a particular need such as venues, wedding planners, restaurants, festivals, department stores, talent buyers, etc
  • Bands or venues that need to find additional supporting acts or complimentary opening bands
  • Companies that are looking for a unique and powerful song to go with a commercial, movie soundtrack, or TV series

Please contact us today to find out what MYnstrel can do to facilitate your talent-finding endeavors.

Music Graphic Design

Product and service pic 4

Well you’ve got your chops, and your sounds are venue worthy – but what about your image? Have you given your brand a lot of thought? Your visual brand is not some insignificant corporation-like trivial pursuit. Visual imagery is a big part of musical acts these days. Will you use your visual imagery to enhance your audio, or will you just throw something up there that conflicts with the powerful message your band is trying to build? Did you get one of your amateur artist friends to throw something together for you, or will you take the time, effort, and a little bit of money to put that big-band sheen on your visual appearance?

Let MYnstrel be your partner in these endeavors. Just look at how incredible our brand and website is – the proof of our abilities is on display. We are a creative company with massive abilities to take your branding goals and turn them into effective imagery that successfully communicates your message to your intended audience.

We can deliver your professional-looking logos, brochures (one pagers, tour fliers, you name it), business cards, letterheads, envelopes, websites, and more.

Please contact us today for more information!

Music Licensing

Music licensing is a great outlet for musicians & songwriters to earn money from their own music creations.

MYnstrel’s music licensing service offers fast, affordable, experienced & personable service for all types of media rights. We work with both professionals and first time licensees to help them get the content they need, properly cleared on time and on budget for all types of projects.

Our services include researching rights owners, obtaining permission, price quotes, as well as issuing and administering licensing agreements.

Please contact us today for more information!

Legal Services

Are you a musician or talent that needs legal representation? MYnstrel Legal Service attorneys have a broad understanding of the music & entertainment business. We provide full-service legal advice and counsel to clients in the entertainment industry and in the performance and visual arts. Our attorneys offer the tools to serve our clients in matters such as customized general counseling, contracts with record labels, managers, agents, concert promoters and concert producers; tour crew agreements and equipment rentals; recording studio rentals; music licensing and royalty agreements; and copyright issues.

Music industry companies often differ from companies in other industries. It is important that their legal counsel understand the subtleties of the industry and its business goals and values. MYnstrel legal services have the knowledge, experience, and know how to satisfy your music & entertainment legal needs.

Please contact us today for more information!

Always enhancing our Products and Services…

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