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Where is the music you want to hear? Why are your favorite bands continuously getting dropped from record labels, breaking up, or spending years before they can get fresh new hits to your ears? Why couldn’t you get tickets for that awesome show you wanted to see? Why does so much of the new music you hear sound the same? There were 70,000 albums released last year; did you even find five of them that really speak to your heart and make lasting memories for you?

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Music is a special experience in all of our lives. We play our songs with our friends, at parties, at home, driving around town, on road trips, or while we exercise. We dance to songs, we socialize with them, or we listen intently to them. Music is a painting on the ears. When an artist’s song is an expression that really reaches us – an expression that we reflect – we will cherish it for years.

Just like scents can bring strong emotions, a song that is close to your heart can bring back vivid memories years later when you hear it. Music reflects who we are, and many of us use the music that we can identify with to help define ourselves. We’ll forever remember the social gatherings, live concerts, parties, dances, and profound songs that we’ve listened to hundreds of times. We’ll forever remember the poetic and profound lyrics and musical images that meant so much to us at different times in our lives. Our music is the gift that keeps on giving.

At MYnstrel, we live and breathe music all day long. Our founders aren’t just business and technology gurus; they are immensely talented musicians with compositional, production, and performance skills. We have taken on all of the problems in the music industry that are hampering your music experience, keeping the music you care about away from you, and constantly putting irrelevant music in your face that you can’t relate to because of many unfair reasons (one such example – a handful of privileged people who like the songs or think they’ll sell put tons of money behind promoting those substandard songs).

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Some of our favorite artists were dropped from their labels before they had a chance. Other bands have broken up under the immense pressure of a broken industry. A handful of media conglomerates own the airwaves that promote new music to everyone – stifling the 69,000 out of 70,000 albums that are released every year and will never see any radio play. One of those hidden albums could be your new favorite. The problem is that you’ll never have a chance to hear it without MYnstrel.

If the music industry operated this way during the 80’s, Bruce Springsteen would have never been given a chance to make his 3rd album, and we would have none of his hits today.

MYnstrel is coming to the rescue. We’ve invented technologies to solve the problems in the music industry that have been growing over the past five decades. When the MYnstrel Core System is completed by our R&D division, you can expect a revolution for music fans.

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