MYnstrel is bringing a revolution to the business of music! At the core of our revolution is the belief that every player in the business is a professional. Imagine this – a music company of professionals who treat artists, partners, and all players in the business as professionals on equal terms. You want to make a comfortable livelihood with your love of music and the business of music, and we want to help you do that. We also want to make everyone’s role in the music business transparent to all, so that everyone can make the wisest decisions possible for their own interest in the business.

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With MYnstrel innovations, we see the music industry doing better business than it has done for the past four decades. We began realizing this dream by asking ourselves a number of questions. We’ll share with you just a few of them:

  • Why are we the first company to think of all the players in the music business as professionals, and dub them with the title, Music Business Professionals? Why is smart business management and advice reserved for only the artists who reach superstardom? Shouldn’t we be nurturing professionalism a little bit earlier?
  • How have music business inefficiencies degraded product quality over time, upsetting fans, and making sure that many hard working artists have difficulty making money for the job they love?
  • Where does all of the revenue in the music business source from?
  • Where are the cost bottlenecks in the music business?
  • How can new and emerging technologies be leveraged to maximize efficiency and quality in every music business workflow?
  • Independent Record Labels and The Major Record Labels seem to be constantly at odds with each other. Isn’t there a way to align the market with the strengths of each to maximize return on investment (ROI) within both sectors?
  • Is there a way to make the most out of every musician’s career?
  • Is there a way to empower every Music Business Professional to take control of their own career?

At MYnstrel, some very bright minds have addressed these questions and many more. We’ve done our homework and research. We’ve brainstormed and innovated. We’ve got a solid foundation that will bring success to all Music Business Professionals.

Music Business Professionals Defined (aka Music Biz Pro)

A Music Business Professional is a person who has decided that they’d like to make a career out of music. They want to treat music and its various functions as a real business with lifelong benefits and goals. If you find that you’re involved with any of the following areas, MYnstrel would like to treat you as a Music Business Professional (these are just a few example business areas):

  • Artists
  • Venues & Live Performance
  • Record Labels
  • Recording Studios
  • Artist Agents
  • Music Publishers
  • Entertainment Attorneys
  • Artist Personal Managers
  • Artist Business Managers
  • Music Retailers
  • Music Investors

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