MYnstrel is dedicated to improving the state of music as an art and a business. We seek to put maximum artistic and financial control into the hands of consumers and music professionals. By providing innovative technologies, industry support, and new business opportunities, MYnstrel empowers and connects all music patrons and providers.

Passion. Dedication. Clarity.

Mission Pic

At MYnstrel, we take our mission very seriously. We’re so passionate about the art of music that we’ve made it our only business.

We see the music fans – the ones whose enthusiasm and passion keeps the rhythm beating strong with their patronage and excitement for the hottest sounds.

We see the artists – the ones whose life-experience and talent create the expressions and sounds that enhance our lives.

We see the music business professionals – the ones who support the artists and the music fans, making it possible for fans to have the highest quality music by keeping the business of music healthy and professional, and helping artists to build strong and rewarding careers.

We do believe that this ideal vision is attainable. We don’t believe that it is close to realization today. We have sustained disruptive technologies in the music business for some time now, but we have not yet seen an adequate solution to maximize the potential of new technologies. We have seen old business processes persist without adaptation for decades. We have seen technology companies try to figure out the business of music. We have seen music companies try to figure out the business of technology. The majority of artists and fans have been stuck somewhere between, wondering, “when will someone figure this out and make our music experience easy, satisfying, fun, and fantastic?”

Well, we can all stop wondering now because MYnstrel is the answer to the question. We are made of the perfect blend of expertise in technology, musicianship, and the business of music. This perfect blend has allowed MYnstrel to invent the solutions that will satisfy your needs – and we are building those solutions now.

You can be certain that with each passing quarter MYnstrel will bring us all closer to this dream by taking pragmatic steps. When our Core System is launched, music fans, artists, and music business professionals will finally breathe a sigh of relief. Not only will we prevent the art & business from falling off a creative and fiscal cliff, we will make it better than it has been for centuries.

We are the future of the art and business of music. We are MYnstrel.