MYnstrel is dedicated and passionate about our mission to improve the art and business of music. We’re also excited about the potential for our revolutionary business startup model. MYnstrel is accountable to our founders in our drive to create successful new technologies and business opportunities. Your support will ensure that MYnstrel’s music revolution is successful and can help music fans, music business professionals, and artists around the entire world to solve the financial, distribution, marketing, retail, music education, and artistic-control crises.

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We require more funds to support our launch of the MYnstrel Core System and Services. We are offering very attractive returns and payback. Our innovations and products will make a huge difference in the world of music, and you have the opportunity with us to support that effort and become a founder yourself. In addition to your attractive returns, you’ll gain the status of founder, according to the following levels of contribution:

Chairperson’s Circle $1,000,000 and above
President’s Circle $500,000 and above
Vice President’s Circle $250,000 and above
Diamond Circle $100,000 and above
Platinum Circle $50,000 and above
Gold Circle $25,000 and above
Silver Circle $10,000 and above
Bronze Circle $1,000 and above
Founder’s Circle Up to $1,000

As founders ourselves, we care deeply about the future of music. We believe in MYnstrel’s mission and our capabilities. Please join us today as a proud founder of MYnstrel and click here to inquire about becoming a founder today!