The clandestine MYnstrel project that will revolutionize music

Core System

So if the technology is a secret, then why are we telling you about it? While we can’t divulge specific details, we do want you to be excited about its prospects and the motivation behind it. The MYnstrel Core System will bring a new order for music and leave the technologies you see popping up everywhere in the dust. At the heart of its architecture is a genius design that is based on fundamentals of the art and business of music that have developed throughout history.

Minstrels of centuries long past went through a period of comfortable patronage to a period of desperately wandering the streets for work. The MYnstrel of the 21st century is a bit more fortunate, because they have a company dedicated to them. That company is MYnstrel, and none other.

We have spent countless hours analyzing all of the players in the music business, and the history of the music business. We took lessons from our own personal experience with the art of music, as passionate musicians ourselves. Then we set our sights on all of the real challenges and obstacles that artists, music fans, and music business professionals face today, and we used our insight to solve the problems. The only thing left is for us to build the solution.

The beneficiaries of the Core System will be music fans, artists, music business professionals, record labels, and venues. While our brilliant engineers are working around the clock to complete this system, we will be bringing a number of products and services to artists and music business professionals to give them an edge.