Tommy Kurek: CEO 


Along life’s adventurous path, he has been dubbed: Innovator, Musician-Philosopher, Writer, Engineer, Leader, Business Guru. If you were to gaze into Tommy’s hazel eyes long enough, you might be able to see warm music notes flying across a brand new score that Tommy’s writing in his head, business charts showing the phenomenal success of the MYnstrel community artists, or zippy “ones” and “zeroes” being cast by some techno-wizard into a new technology that will enchant the music community.

Anthony Abbruscato: Principal Business & Music Consultant


Anthony is passionate about many things, from music and community leadership to business, but especially singing a song or tapping pencils to a new beat he just created. Anthony has always leaned forward and made the best of any circumstance, from serving in the US Army to excelling in business. Through it all, Anthony has developed a passion for people and helping them succeed no matter where they came from.