Watching a revolution is fun, but being a revolutionary is thrilling

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MYnstrel is improving the state of music as an art and a business. Can you see yourself in a position at the forefront of innovation? MYnstrel is empowering and connecting all music patrons and providers. Do you want to dream big and gain access to a rewarding journey for yourself and your career? MYnstrel is creating innovative technologies, providing industry support, and inventing new business opportunities. Do you want to be at the front of this growth?

MYnstrel has a team of talented, passionate, and exciting people. In addition to advancing our goals for music, we are constantly learning and benefiting from each other. From the inside, you’ll experience firsthand, our qualities of freedom, dedication, innovation, confidence, passion, exuberance, and community.

You can be a founder

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MYnstrel is currently in its startup phase and conducting research and development on its ground-breaking Core System. When you join our team during this phase, you will not only be building your career and doing great things – you’ll have the unique opportunity to be an original founder of the company that is poised to take the music industry by storm. When you join our team and gain the status of founder, you’ll also get all of the benefits that are conveyed with that status.

Tommy Kurek, CEO of MYnstrel has not only invented technologies and business processes for hospitals, ecommerce, real estate, and music, he also innovated entrepreneurship itself. You can be part of this historical venture with the business startup model that is sure to incite an academic and industrial fascination. Whether you would like to join us as a part-time or full-time teammate, we have flexible opportunities with incredible project managers who can supremely leverage diverse types of engagements.

When you join MYnstrel now, you’ll be side-by-side with people who have taken the American dream and ideals of self-determination, justice, democracy, and fairness to an unprecedented level. Everything that MYnstrel touches will see the bright light of innovation, and you will be one of the founders who adds your own personal touch to this special team.

What you can do now

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