MYnstrel is your chance to participate in the opportunity of a lifetime! 

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When MYnstrel CEO Tommy Kurek started the company, he didn’t just innovate the music business, he innovated entrepreneurship itself. There were a number of recurring problems with startup businesses that were identified early on. Tommy knew that a different approach was needed to ensure that MYnstrel could successfully traverse the startup phase of the business. The Kurek Startup Model brings innovative solutions to these age-old problems with startup business models:

  • Mismanagement of Uncertainty – without tight quantification of activities and assets from the start, investors overcompensate for uncertainty with imposed control that oversteps their worth to the company and undercuts the value of the founders – the ones whose motivation will carry the company to success or failure.
  • Arbitrary Valuation – Valuation that is uncertain from the start only gets to be further skewed as investors come on and the valuation is only based on who dumped money into the company for shares of stock. Isn’t there a better way to trace value added to the organization throughout the startup, from its inception? What about labor? Can we track the value of all labor contributed as well? Yes we can, and it’s easy with the Kurek Business model, standard processes, contracts, and spreadsheets.
  • Mismanagement of People – Some founders may pull more weight than others. This is what tears colleagues apart when they just arbitrarily take even splits of ownership from the beginning with no justification other than they are all friends, or acquaintances with valuable skills that are unique for the organization. There wasn’t an impartial way to measure the true value each person is adding to the startup. The Kurek Startup Model solves this problem.
  • An Inverse Relationship between Business Activity and Rewards – People who get on board the earliest can sit on their shares as the stock pool continues to get more diluted in future phases – so as business activity grows, rewards get smaller – a destructive inverse relationship.
  • Arbitrary Stock Dilution – Dilution of stock is arbitrary as more and more stocks are issued to gain new funds – people who have been there for a while have no justification as to why they’re ownership is getting diluted in an arbitrary way, without quantification. If we can’t track value in a certain and fair way, it opens the doors for subjectivity which will consume valuable time and resources in negotiation and legal activities, taking valuable time and resources away from real business productivity and adding real value to the business.
  • Internal Battles for Ownership at the Worst Times – Investors fight over rights to Preferred Stock that will keep THEIR ownership from being diluted when the business needs more money.
  • Sacrificing Mid-Term Interest for Short-Term Concerns – If the founders lack concern for the true purpose of the business, bad decisions can be made to satisfy short-term interests that may damage the business in the mid-term.

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The Kurek Startup Model has addressed all of these problems, and it has been working wonderfully since we started MYnstrel. It relies on using simple tools that everyone knows how to use. With the model, our leadership does good business planning and execution that is quantifiable and measurable. We have a Project Management based approach, where activities are planned, rationalized, quantified, and orchestrated. We innovate, quantify, and orchestrate consistently. This cycle is a continuously evolving process, where business fundamentals underlie all of our activities. We have carefully developed the following for our enterprise:

  • A Codified Strategic Objective (The Business Plan)
  • An Organizational Strategy (A more detailed focus on what some entrepreneurs gloss over in the Business Plan)
  • A Management Strategy
  • A People Strategy
  • A Marketing Strategy
  • A Systems Strategy (with Business Process Engineering)

MYnstrel has taken notes from the best businesses in the world, like Microsoft, IBM, McDonalds, FedEx, and Disney. We know how we got to where we are today, and we know where we want to go tomorrow. We started out as a mature company from the beginning, inspired by the perspective of Tom Watson of IBM.

We began with a perfect model in our minds of what MYnstrel will look like in our dreams, and we asked ourselves from the beginning, how a company like that has to act. Then we started acting like that from the beginning. From the first day, we started moving towards that perfect vision, and every day we measure our progress against that goal, planning to make up the difference on the next day. We don’t just DO business at MYnstrel, we BUILD and EVOLVE it.

All of the wonderful products and services that customers and partners will enjoy are specifically planned results from a systematic way of doing business. Every step in the ongoing development of our business is quantitatively and qualitatively measureable. We operate according to articulated rules and principles, and we have a clear and recognizable form.

The founders of MYnstrel have some of the most revolutionary and intelligent ideas for the music business; but they are also on top of entrepreneurship and business development.