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What is your goal as an Artist? How can you make a good living doing what you love to do? What can you ultimately do with the songs that you write and/or perform? Your music is incredible, but how will it reach the audience that you want it to? How are you going to be heard and seen? How will you grow as an artist throughout the years, and be the best that you can be?

MYnstrel was made by musicians for musicians. The technologies that we are developing in our labs target the root of the problems in the music industry, and they will nourish the industry back to good health. Our Research and Development (R&D) division has some of the best business, technology, and music minds that the world has to offer. We are not just spinning our wheels, following the crowd, and doing things that seem ‘cool’ and obvious, like a handful of our competitors. We actually spent countless hours and money analyzing the music industry from a musician’s perspective, and the issues we all face. From that analysis, we have invented some of the most important technologies for the music business since the phonograph.

MYnstrel is much more than just a caring friend to artists. When the MYnstrel Core System is completed by our R&D division, you can expect a revolution for artists and fans.

What you can do now

Are you anxious for the revolution and the freedom it will bring? We are too. That’s why we’re working around the clock to make it happen as soon as possible. Right now, you can do the following things with our website:

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