MYnstrel’s Corporate Website has numerous features that distinguish it from typical company websites. These exciting features include:

  • A multi-million dollar, superior brand
  • Masterful company brochureware created by elite writers
  • MYnstrel™ Compass – music-related web navigation features with situational awareness of the visitor’s desires and intent, to enable the ease-of-use that you’ve come to expect from world class software companies
  • MYnstrel™ Caravel – search and discovery of all-things-music, including Internet Search Engine integration (Google™-like features)
  • MYnstrel™ Couridiom™ – the first music-industry-oriented system designed for targeted management of customer and partner relationships
  • MYnstrel™ Guilds – the first music-industry related career system that is on course to compete at the level of Monster® and™ within the music business
  • MYnstrel™ Herald – the first online news system which implements all of the technologies you enjoy in “blogs”, but so much more
  • MYnstrel™ Identity – the first online profiling system made for engineered specifically for Music Fans, Artists, and Music Business Professionals

MYnstrel’s Stellar Brand

Our company’s brand was crafted with great care and patience. Our colors, geometries, graphics, and presentation styles can compete with multi-million dollar brands of other music companies.

We have been following the music business for a long time. How did our competitor’s brands look at the end of their first fiscal year? They possessed a mere fraction of the quality, emotions, and professionalism that the MYnstrel brand accurately captures.

We feel that the brands of many wealthy music companies weren’t even close to MYnstrel’s even five years from their inception. MYnstrel’s brand reaches our intended audiences and powerfully communicates our core values and boldly grabs the attention of our intended audiences.

Brochureware with a Bang

Many companies have websites that attempt to communicate what their company does and what makes the company tick. This concept has been labeled “brochureware” to describe how the company has essentially taken what would have been printed brochures and converted them into web pages so the information may be disseminated widely.

Some companies shy from the word because they wish their websites to be perceived as something more than brochureware. On the other hand, MYnstrel, feels that brochureware is a great way to describe something that all companies do – post content online about the company itself, and its products. MYnstrel is also prepared to distinguish the brochureware component of our website from the multitude of other features you will find on

That said, MYnstrel has deep experience with these brochureware sites and we do believe that this component of is superior to most that we’ve come across. What makes our brochureware so excellent?

  • Elite writers, with skills that can’t be taught – well above advanced and into the realm of mastery
  • Supreme organizational leadership which unifies our writing talent, executive decisions, graphic artistry, and marketing
  • Attention to detail, yet another skill that is honed with experience, and not taught
  • Methodical editing and revision processes for top-echelon results

Our current inventory of brochureware includes:

  1. MYnstrel’s Homepage
  2. Artists’ Homepage
  3. Artists’ Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Music Fans’ Homepage
  5. Music Fans’ Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Music Business Professionals’ Homepage
  7. Music Business Professionals’ Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Career Seekers’ Homepage
  9. Career Seekers’ Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Founders’ Homepage
  11. Founders’ Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Our Mission
  13. About Us
  14. MYnstrel Team Bios
  15. MYnstrel Core System
  16. MYnstrel’s Products and Services
  17. Our Business Startup Model
  18. Quarterly Reports
  19. Terms of Use
  20. Privacy Statement
  21. Help Homepage
  22. Progress/Revision History
  23. About this Site

MYnstrel™ Compass – Navigation with style

As you travel from page to page in websites, how do you find your way to the next relevant item for what you want to do? MYnstrel Compass targets various audiences and generates relevant navigation items and links, in menus and modules that you will find throughout the site.

Top level content is also tracked in a Site Map and “breadcrumbs” throughout the site offer the user the ability to navigate back and forth throughout hierarchical site structure.

MYnstrel™ Caravel – Music discovery and exploration

It should always be easy to find what you’re looking for, right? MYnstrel™ Caravel is a consolidated search engine that explores the realm of music for you. Currently, it traverses MYnstrel™ Guilds, our music careers system, and the brochureware content available on

MYnstrel™ Couridiom™ – Business relationships in the realm of music

Starting a relationship between customers and businesses is fairly easy. You identify common desires and needs, and you hope to make good transactions and experiences happen. Nurturing and maintaining those relationships is a little bit more challenging. We need a framework to work within as we achieve excellent things together in a consistently rewarding fashion.

Enter MYnstrel™ Couridiom™, the first music-oriented relationship management system. Currently it features a dynamic forms platform similar to Microsoft® Office InfoPath, which enables us to quickly deploy sophisticated forms for targeted communications.

MYnstrel™ Guilds – The music career marketplace

Try to find a music-related job on Monster® or™, we challenge you. Indeed, it would be a challenge. MYnstrel not only invented our Guilds system to aid our own recruitment process, but we plan on extending it to future music partners as well.

MYnstrel™ Herald – Music news, blogs, and so much more

Remember the first time you heard the word, “blog”? Most likely you had to go someone online and research to find out what in the world a “blog” is. MYnstrel enjoys the technical features that accompany blogs, but we also sought something more for the music community – an adaptable, powerful, flexible, wide-reaching news platform. We wanted to design a news platform that could be used in the capacity of a blog sometimes, but as an online journal, or an announcement system, and even more.

MYnstrel Herald is the product that we are building to implement the multitude of features you desire from a 21st Century news platform. And did we mention it’s customized for the music industry? Currently, we have deployed four publications on MYnstrel Herald:

  • The MYnstrel Free Press – Your free quarterly newsletter concerning all things MYnstrel
  • The MYnstrel Artist Spotlight – We find the best artists, praise their mastery, and share them with you
  • MYnstrel Press Releases – Noteworthy news, aimed to facilitate consumption for journalists and the general public
  • The Music Advocacy Journal – Your inside view of the music industry with intriguing analysis

MYnstrel Identity – Your #1 online music profile

You may be familiar with the online profiling systems exposed through websites like Facebook and MySpace™. You might also note that even when these major websites try to do a good job at implementing music features, they fall far short of satisfactory. While such websites are built at their foundations for generalized social networking, it will take a real music company whose only business is music to do the job correctly. That company is MYnstrel.

The first component of MYnstrel’s music social site is MYnstrel Identity. Currently, you can observe just a small fraction of the Identity platform’s features on our Bio page.