MYnstrel is an organized, loyal, and passionate company, offering Products and Services to artists and music business professionals, and concurrently building a groundbreaking Core System. What’s to come in our Core System will turn heads throughout the industry and greatly serve the noble mission of our company, delighting music fans around the world.

We appreciate your interest in our company and hope that you will allow us to add value to your activities in the music industry. If you would like to find out details about the founders of MYnstrel, you can take a look at their bios. We believe that our company is special, and that MYnstrel’s character was gained through our people, who in turn took many years to refine their abilities, knowledge, motivations, and character. We offer solid support, active community, fun, and freedom to provide and consume music in its most pure and uninhibited form.

We are special and different from all of the other players in the business today – with expertise in complex engineering systems, passion and prowess in music, and sharp business skills, MYnstrel is poised to become the preeminent music partner of the 21st century. We are loyal servants of music fans, artists, and music business professionals. We will add value to all of our partners and help them to solve the complex problems that have been growing in the music business for years.

MYnstrel’s story of perseverance, passion, loyalty, and success

The dream of MYnstrel was made by life-long artists who have worked together since high school, where they held jobs together at a local bagel bakery to finance their college, car, and music equipment funds.

“Baking and mixing was a character-building job,” says Nate. “You get up at 4:30 AM, and put out 3,000 bagels by 6:30 AM. From 5:00 AM to 2:00 PM, you’re reaching over a vat of boiling water and into a 500 degree oven. Afterwards, you’re scraping the floor clean and mixing a few hundred pounds of dough. We worked very hard in school and outside of school.”

When they graduated from high school, Tommy, Tony, and Nate all went their separate ways to pursue higher education.

“Tommy is the smartest guy I know. In elementary school, he tested as having a 152 IQ to get into the gifted and talented program. At the same time, he’s down to earth, having served in local communities, played in numerous music bands, played on the football teams, and acted in theatre. He’s also a great communicator, an inspirational leader, and a relentless worker.

He financed the vast majority of his college and living expenses by holding 3 part-time jobs while he was making it through advanced physics and computer programming at a top-20 engineering college. It was taxing sometimes. Continuing to compose and record music during his semester breaks was his great reprieve during those years. Tommy is a unique guy with diverse gifts,” says Nate Radcliffe.

“Nate could always juggle dozens of tasks at the same time and give each one just enough attention to get it done right. He was bartending his way through his nationally-ranked college at really busy places where there was no room for mistakes and no time for rest. Nate is street smart, with the tenacity and loyalty of a pit bull. He uses those gifts of character for all of our customers,” says Tony Abbruscato.

“Tony literally risked his own life for our people and Country fighting terrorists after 911. He financed his West Point education in nuclear engineering and chemistry, with his noble service to our people. Since he retired from the US Army, he has continued to enhance his prowess with business and technology in the civilian world. Like MYnstrel has done for all of our team, it has allowed Tony to return to his first love – music. Tony’s still my favorite drummer to play with. I’ve performed more jazz, funk, rock, metal, and blues with him than anyone. He’s a brilliant guy with many abilities, great passion and loyalty to offer our customers,” says Tommy Kurek.

“We won awards for Jazz, Classical, Choral, and Rock performances in high school. Our bands were hot and we even got paid for gigs too. It was sad when we had to leave it behind to pursue our higher education,” says Tony.

After graduating from excellent colleges, Tommy, Tony, and Nate began working very hard to rise quickly in their careers.

“We got a good taste of large business and small business. We learned a lot during the early years of our careers,” says Nate.

One day during the summer of 2005, a coworker at Tommy’s workplace had his computer infected with a virus due to a Country CD that he had purchased from BMG Records.

“I was shocked. I knew all about the Napster proceedings. As the lead software architect for an international corporation, I understood the old-west-like struggle of Digital Rights Management (DRM) – white hats versus hackers. This event took me off guard though. It surprised me that a media company would infect their product with the potential to destroy a customer’s computer operating system. This event was a huge wake-up call for me, signaling severe mismanagement and mistakes in the approach to combat media theft,” says Tommy.

Tommy couldn’t get all of these ideas out of his mind. He began inventing technological concepts to solve the issues. He spoke with Tony, Nate, and a budding new visual-artist, Corey Wise about the concepts.

“We were excited about the concepts. Tommy was like a never-ending source of technical innovation. Every other week he’d have a new, unique, and incredible idea,” says Corey Wise.

“These guys were amazing from the start of our business. We were such great friends, and we already knew how to work well together. Corey was an incredible addition to our budding company because he possessed the same hard-working character, creative, and entrepreneurial spirit that Tony, Nate and I shared,” says Tommy.

“We spent over a year analyzing the music business. We studied dozens of reference books and industry reports to get our heads around the business of music. Abraham Lincoln is one of my heroes. He didn’t know anything about war strategy and technology before the Civil War, but he became one of the greatest Commanders-in-Chief that America has ever known. With the fate of the Nation on his shoulders, he spent 18 hour days studying military history, strategy, and technology for an entire year. The results we all know. Likewise, I wasn’t going to lead these guys into battle without having a comprehensive understanding of the music-business landscape.”

“Before we started MYnstrel, music was my number one passion with engineering and business coming in second. After we launched MYnstrel, I began to feel the burden of all artists and music fans on my shoulders. Every day since, before I go to bed, my day is not complete until I’ve done something to relieve that burden,” says Tommy.

“Nearly every competitor we analyzed was leading music in damaging directions. A select few had decent ideas, but were only scratching the surface and didn’t possess the engineering and business expertise to make things work. We even see retailers trying to apply retail tricks to solve non-retail problems. Those are some interesting experiments, but they’re not going to help music providers and fans. Our competitors are missing the mark by miles, because they are thinking conventionally and they are as of yet unable to identify the roots of the problems,” says Tony.

“Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) is a very expensive and technical discipline. It’s used in the area of Software Engineering covering Quality, Testing, and Defect Prevention. We have applied this and other techniques while working towards our Business Process Engineering goals to heal the business of music,” Nate informs us.

“New contenders in the music business are inventing shackles that will confine and depreciate our music experiences in different ways. Occasionally we see an idea that might do some good if implemented in particular ways. I want to make and distribute my own music with a system that maximizes its reception and honors my fans and my art. As a music fan, I want to use a system that ensures sustainable business for the artists that I love so that I can keep getting great music from them for many years in a consistently easy, fun, and excellent fashion. That system doesn’t exist today. MYnstrel is building it,” says Tommy.