The MYnstrel Free Press: Birthdays & Resurrections

Music fans, artists, and the whole of the music industry – today we celebrate birthdays and resurrections! The month of January is a month of many birthdays for the MYnstrel team, along with one of my greatest inspirations, Sir Isaac Newton (born on January 4th, 1643).

Centuries later, on January 4th, 2009, MYnstrel’s website was released to the public for the first time, marking the beginning of a music revolution of Newtonian proportions. We have watched and analyzed many players in the music industry for a while now, seeking solutions with an open mind, much like Newton. What we’ve invented in turn is unlike anything you have imagined, and we plan on gradually releasing our discoveries for many years to come – just as quickly as our team of high-tech wizards can build the solutions.

Looking back through the lens of history, you may recall the minstrels of the Middle Ages, who enjoyed a period of comfortable patronage, only to later wind up travelling on their own, seeking audiences. In many ways, artists of later centuries share a lot in common with these two scenarios – either being subject to a system of patronage, or wandering somewhat desperately to ply their trade.

While these systems may be more complicated in the 21st century, we see many parallels. MYnstrel is the company that will make music-related occupations more rewarding and excellent than ever, and elevate music and our culture as a result. Our inventions are for music fans, artists, and music business professionals.

MYnstrel’s mission is very clear and powerful. We are dedicated to improving the state of music as an art and a business. We seek to put maximum artistic and financial control into the hands of consumers and music professionals. By providing innovative technologies, industry support, and new business opportunities, MYnstrel empowers and connects all music patrons and providers.

And we possess many enduring motivations to succeed in our mission! I can speak for myself, and my own music-related promises that I have given and fulfilled.

When I graduated high school, I promised my band that I would complete the composition and recording of our full length rock album, as the band members all went separate ways to different colleges. Seven years later, even having worked 3 simultaneous jobs to pay for my college, and meanwhile traversing a top 20 engineering program, I completed the demo – bass, drums, guitars, and vocals all by myself.

I don’t give up.

In 2006 I contacted one of my favorite bands of all time, Lo Pro. I had a correspondence with the bassist, Jonathan Fahnestock, and told him that I was terribly sorry for Pete & Neil having been dropped twice from major labels. I told him that I was using my specialized engineering education to invent a company and technologies that would help fans and artists to prevent what happened to Lo Pro and so many other talented artists. At that time, Jonathan probably just thought I was a well-meaning fan, and he might have been a bit skeptical about my assertions; I know I would have if I were in his shoes.

Well, Lo Pro, I am here today telling you that I keep my promises, and I never give up. Please accept my gratitude for your music that has inspired me, and my acknowledgement of the tribulations you have faced to deliver timeless music to your fans. I promise that the MYnstrel team will give gifts to artists, fans, and the music industry in the same fashion that you have gifted us with your inspirational music. The entire MYnstrel team shares this determination.

So January 4th is a great day in MYnstrel’s books! As we celebrate the birthday of MYnstrel’s public website, we also celebrate the resurrection of incredible bands that received an unfair outcome from an ailing business. We celebrate the resurrection of the innovative, methodical, studious, and tenacious spirit that drove Newton’s breakthroughs. We celebrate the resurrection of the minstrel in a modern form. And above all, we celebrate our new community, including you! Together we seek the best that music has to offer us, and MYnstrel will bring solutions to make it happen.

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