Jah Works – Honesty and Passion for All

Album Info

Artist: Jah Works
Album: One for You
MYnstrel Genre: Eclectic (Reggae)
Album Release Date: 02.06.2007
Band Members:
Kevin Gorman – Guitar
Mike Hamilton – Bass
Jon Pang – Drums
Natty Roc – Sax & Vocals
Brian Gorman – Keys
Eric Vincent – Vocals
MySpace Homepage:
Noteworthy Video:

Spotlight Summary

We’re honored to support this incredibly devoted band and their expressive album One for You! Their work ethic alone remains awe inspiring: these guys tour and play an average of 200 to 250 shows a year. That sure puts you in the top tier of motivation! Jah Works presents an album full of messages of hope amid the trials of life, and the challenge for everyone to join together to make the world a better place. Jah Works exemplifies this message throughout the album, especially when they sing:

“Leave your worries at the door and jump on the dance floor. Got some business to tend to, I’ve come to heal and mend you with the music I send you; my responsibility is set the people them free, yeah”.

Their encouragement permeates this uplifting album!

Jah Works captures listeners’ attention through an impressive mix of genres. This demonstrates their knowledge of music and their ability to appeal to a wide audience. Jah Works’ many strengths revolve around two core principles: the band is full of performers who love music for the creativity they can express, and they constantly work to inspire through their art. This passion fills every minute of their album, from straight up reggae to dance hall beats.

One for You blasts off with one of the most popular songs in Jah Works’ catalog, and the title track of the album, One for You. This masterful groove demonstrates why clubs and dance floors are always packed when Jah Works comes to town. The vocals offer versatility and powerfully state the meaningful lyrics. Jah Works keeps the intensity high throughout the rest of the album with tons of intricate drum beats, bass licks that resound, subtle harmonies and ambient instrumentation that pique your interest.

If you are one of the many fans who have seen Jah Works live, you are witnesses to their emotion and captivating performance. This band pulverizes local clubs with an infectious combination of musical genres which causes fans to dance the night away and sing along to their favorite tunes.

Give these guys an honest listen and you won’t be sorry! This is a tried and true group of working professionals devoted to their craft and the listeners who support them. That means you!

Album Breakdown

The opening jam on this album will cause listeners to jump to their feet with its captivating beats! Jah Works educates through their influential lyrics and purposeful instrumentation. Their ability to pay homage to the rhythmic vocals of traditional reggae while adding their instrumental accents and intense dance hall vibes offers listeners a truly original experience. Most of all, Jah Works remains committed to their inspirational messages and bringing their love of music to their fans without restraint. This permeates One for You, and exemplifies Jah Works desire to live life their way.

Jah Works shows immense creativity in their jammin tunes. The drums and bass serve as a prime foundation for the dance grooves, but also add interesting accents to breathe excitement into the songs. The piano and synthesizer tracks complete the rhythm section and demonstrate some pretty creative effects. Most of the rhythms are straight forward dance grooves, with complex harmonizing vocal tracks completing the instrumentation.

In fact, the harmonizing vocals remain one of Jah Works’ most incredible displays of their talent. These harmonies are creative and usually follow the underlying chord structure. Jah Works creates amazing depth in their songs by using many different instrument tracks. Their ability to excite listeners with so many different instrument tracks and well placed effects displays their compositional prowess. The tracks are well balanced with appropriate density, an incredibly important feature for music consisting of so many rapid vocal and instrument tracks.

Their instrumentation is awesome too, clearly displayed by their ability to seamlessly end the album with a Latin instrumental track with various horn solos. The overall mix is well balanced, and every instrument pierces through clearly. This remains important in this genre of music because the vocals must carry the songs, but the supporting instrumentation provides the foundation of reggae, dance hall, and R&B that keeps listeners interested. The vocals remain the most prominent instruments on this album, and Jah Works knows how to demonstrate their talent in this area.

One for You offers unbridled honesty and a sense of purpose that both inspires and motivates listeners to look around them and appreciate the experiences life has given them. This album jams from start to finish; with their lyrics and upbeat sounds, Jah Works captures expressions that speak to why life is worth living!

Setting the Record Straight

Currently MYnstrel is unaware of any unfair press or slanderous reviews of this album.

Personal Connections to this Album

Spotlight Editor, Nate Radcliffe’s Personal Connections

There are many fond memories that ring in my head when I think of this band. I first heard Jah Works back in college when I was bartending at a local Irish pub, Ned Devine’s. I was never a huge reggae fan but I always respected the genre. The first night Jah Works walked into the bar and began playing, I was blown away. And I wasn’t the only one. Jah Works would consistently pack the joint. Jamming out fan favorite tunes like “One for You” and “You Look Good”, patrons of the bar would dance until the early morning hours. The nights Jah Works were booked to play, we knew we were in for a crazy night and the band always delivered.

My wife and I have made many special memories at that Irish pub where we met. A lot of those memories were accompanied by Jah Works’ musical themes. Five years later we still share a love for Jah Works’ music. The first time we vacationed together in Ocean City, MD, we were shocked and thrilled to see Jah Works on the main stage playing at our favorite beach hangout, Seacrets, Jamaica USA. This band is great but they are even better on an outdoor stage on a warm summer night while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Rest assured that the dance floor is never empty when Jah Works is playing, whether it’s live or a DJ is spinning their record at a club. These guys add their own personal twist to the genre while still holding true to traditional roots-reggae sounds, concepts, and themes. Their beats and catchy hooks reverberate in my mind on a daily basis. For this, Jah Works is a mainstay in my music library. Thanks to Jah Works for writing the theme music for some very memorable times in my life!

Spotlight Editor, Tony Abbruscato’s Personal Connections

The first time I listened to Jah Works one of the most profound memories of live music came back to me like a rush. When I was seven or eight years old, I was visiting my grandparents in Queens, New York. As we were getting ready to walk down to Liberty Avenue to get some pizza and Italian ices, I heard the faint sound of music from a few blocks away. As we walked towards the avenue the music got louder and I could decipher more instruments. Pretty soon I could hear the whole band, and this music was like none other. I was so blown away by this music that I asked my grandfather what type of music we were listening to. I later found out it was Reggae. This interesting and complex music was the first live performance in my life, and I will never forget the impact it had.

Jah Works is a working class band extremely interested in playing their hearts out and letting you know how they feel. These guys routinely play over 200 shows a year, including taking tours to play for the United States Servicemen and women. Their passion goes beyond what you normally hear, and they are happy just creating art for everyone to enjoy.

Their ingenuity excites me; not many bands could successfully play so many different genres cohesively. Jah Works demonstrates their command of Reggae, Dance Hall, R&B in one cohesive package of artistry that will leave you wanting more. These guys write powerful and thought-provoking lyrics too, and I thank Jah Works for pursuing their dreams through inventive music.

Featured Tracks

Track 1: One for You

This track represents the passionate message and compelling choruses that Jah Works has to offer. For example, when they state “High time for the leaders to lead”, their message remains clear, and it resonates throughout the rest of the album. In addition, when they sing “Don’t believe everything that you read” they implore their fans to think for themselves.

The introduction begins with an effect buildup into the chorus, and thus sets the mood for the song. The first verse then starts with the vocals carrying the melody, and ambient bongo drums and a cool ambient guitar effect. The drummer plays a basic, driving beat with the hi-hats, bass drum, and snare to keep the momentum of the song through the verse.

The bridge adds some really cool background vocals which create depth and really drive home the message of the lyrics. The bass guitar contributes a terrific track during the second half of the bridge, which drives the song back into the chorus and adds incredible density to the instrumentation. In addition, more tracks join the mix throughout the song, which creates a wall of sound that surrounds listeners. This then perfectly leads into a breakdown in which many of the instrumental tracks stop playing for a crescendo into the last iterations of the chorus.

The song structure is straight forward, with well placed dynamic control to add emphasis where Jah Works wants listeners to feel their emotional lyrics. Overall, this song serves as the signature representation of Jah Works powerful message, well placed instrumentation, and impactful creativity.

Track 2: Over the Hill

This song starts off with a subtle intro with a sustained beat and harmonizing vocals. The lead vocals then utter one of the most poignant sets of lyrics on the entire album, “Someone say that I am over the hill, that I’ve been doin’ this night life and music for far too long, but I know they’re wrong, I got a brand new song, I say my spirit is strong, can’t go wrong”. The guitars and keyboards apply a great backing to propel the vocals to their prominent position in this chorus. This engages listeners to the message Jah Works wishes to portray, and gives hope to all who listen.

The bass guitar and keyboards maintain a steady drive throughout the song, with the drums completing this very tight rhythm section. Ambient guitars and keyboard tracks support the vocals and assist in keeping the lyrics the main focus of this song. During the bridge, all the instruments back out of the song except the bass guitar and drums. These two instrument tracks support some of the most incredible roots-Reggae lyrics on the entire album. The harmonizing vocals stay right with the lead vocals, and the rhythmic and dynamic control remains at the expert level.

Towards the end of the song, the instruments all fade out in interesting ways, and the song ends with an ambient keyboard loop which forms the completion of their thought. Overall, this leaves listeners with provocative thoughts to ponder.

Track 4: You Look Good

This song starts off with a sustained beat and a prominent 4/4 time signature that makes listeners want to get out on the dance floor. Jah Works’ singers once again offer some pretty incredible vocal melody and harmony tracks, and their rhythmic control remains incredible throughout this song. Jah Works has a lot of fun with the lyrics in this song, especially when they sing “If you say you’re independent, and you’re waiting on the one, if you say you are the bomb, girl, show you’re right, show you’re right.”

The bridge has some really interesting ambient sounds which add to the mystery and complexity of the song. The vocal harmonies stick to the underlying chord structure, and demonstrate the genre-diversity of Jah Works vocals. The instrumentation supports the vocal tracks, one of the important facets of Jah Works’ artistry. This aspect of their music creates a cohesive package which many different listeners can enjoy.

Jah Works utilizes a unique song structure in which they create different sections with various instruments maintaining a more prominent placement. This creates a contrast and adds much interest to the music. Overall, this song represents the lighter side of Jah Works music, and they appropriately end this song with a joyful laugh to drive this point to fans.

Additional Tracks:

We talked to the Baltimore and Washington DC fan base to get opinions on other buzz worthy tracks. These include: “Gimme the Microphone”, demonstrating Jah Works incredible ability to transition to R&B style, “Vocalist”, with the powerful lyrics “Music is my business, cause I’m a vocalist”, “Life in the Ghetto”, with some impressive vocal tracks, and “Las Chicas Mas Finas”, a purely instrumental track with an awesome Latin flair.


In a time where people are dealing with adjusting their way of life and searching for answers, Jah Works offers an outlet of honesty in which fans can enhance their lives with uplifting expressions. This is the true beauty of Jah Works’ powerful message, unabashed confidence in what they naturally feel and the desire to seek meaningful opportunities. In the song, “Crazy in My Head”, Jah Works says, “Living in this life can take a heavy toll. Life is much more than let the good times roll.”

The level of craftsmanship found in this album is indeed a rare gem in today’s musical landscape. Why settle for anything less? Jah Works certainly proves that they won’t! No matter the time of day, nor the venue, Jah Works inspires fans to enjoy life for the very moments we often overlook. This album will certainly excite you and become one of your classics very quickly. Here’s to a truly admirable working-class band that won’t give up, and will constantly strive to make sure their inspirational expressions are heard!

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