Heartfelt Sass from a Pure Country Lass

Album Info

Album: Can’t Behave
MYnstrel Genre: Country
Album Release Date: 12.21.2008
Band Members:
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Spotlight Summary

MYnstrel is pleased to support this incredibly talented young woman, Danielle Peck, whose authentic country style will entice listeners young and old! Get ready to experience myriad emotions throughout this delicately constructed album, which presents upbeat and powerful ballad tracks. Can’t Behave offers a mainstay from the self-proclaimed “gospel soul with country roots”, which is a direct result of Peck’s lineage consisting of a group of church singers from her maternal side and a US Marine dad. Danielle takes listeners through difficult life experiences and demonstrates what her upbringing has taught her in dealing with these situations. One of the most profound sets of lyrics appears in the song “Brick by Brick”:

“You bet I’m proud that my father is a workin’ man who wears a blue collar. I was taught work hard, play hard, well pray harder. “

Throughout the album, Danielle Peck wows listeners with her dynamic vocals, and her falsetto adds subtle inflections which create interest in the songs. The supporting instrumentation provides intricacy where necessary, but mostly offers a solid foundation to propel the vocals to the forefront, which remains the showcase of this album. The songs vary from faster, upbeat, and fun to slow, dramatic ballads, which display her versatility as a singer.

For those who have seen Danielle Peck perform live, you have experienced her youthful artistic expressiveness. She loves to dance around to the fast songs and also move her arms in dramatic fashion when singing ballads.

Can’t Behave remains a compelling listen for any fans of country music. Not only does this album provide listeners with a pure, down home country experience, it also inflects a modern twist which will leave fans screaming for more!

Be sure to check out this gripping album!

Album Breakdown

The album opens with the hit single “Bad for Me”, which offers a witty perspective on loving things in life that aren’t the best things for your health, welfare, or productivity. One of the most intriguing aspects of Can’t Behave comes from Danielle Peck’s willingness to share experiences she has had with listeners, as well as offering her honest opinions on how to tackle tough problems in life. This makes her music very approachable, and listeners will immediately identify with this concept and appreciate the fact that many share the same trials.

Can’t Behave offers listeners a diverse collection of tracks, and the backing instruments support Ms. Peck’s vocals by driving the song and creating dynamic shifts where necessary. This adds much depth to the album overall and also provides a solid foundation for Ms. Peck to work with. Most of the instrumental rhythms are straight forward, with a resounding kick-snare drum assault, but there are also some delicate rhythms that are well placed to showcase the talent of the supporting musicians. The prescient musical showcase is Ms. Peck’s vocals, but their ability to add subtle musical inflections rounds out the music very well.

The dynamics on this album are well executed, with Danielle Peck utilizing her falsetto register when a softer tone is necessary, and the instrumentation following suit as the music segues to softer or louder sections. The mix is also very clear and spacious, with the bass drum and snare in the center. The spacious mix allows for a very clear sound, which propels the vocals to the prominent position. Country music relies on singers to drive the songs, so this mix supports the genre very well.

Danielle Peck not only presents an intriguing look at the world, but she is also an intriguing person. She started singing out at venues when she was sixteen, and wrote her first song at ten! Her youth does not preclude intense emotions and maturity, and her music demonstrates this fact. Can’t Behave is an album showing how Danielle likes to have fun, but also knows how to get serious. This album will quickly become a country music staple, and Danielle Peck will become a household name. Can’t Behave definitely gives listeners an honest opinion on how to solve some of life’s daily struggles, and listeners will quickly acknowledge her amazing talent!

Setting the Record Straight

Currently MYnstrel is unaware of any unfair press or slanderous reviews of this album.

Personal Connections to this Album

Spotlight Editor, Tony Abbruscato’s Personal Connections

I have admired the country artist ever since I heard Sammy Kershaw’s “Vidalia” when I was in High School. I remember the emotional response I felt to that song, and I soon rushed out and bought the album Politics, Religion, and Her. One of the things I noticed right away was that he was a really good singer! His voice had the traditional country twang, but his sustained notes were incredibly clear. This caused me to notice the other incredible singers in country music.

When I was deployed in Iraq, we sometimes had the very unfortunate circumstance where we lost one of our own in combat. I cannot tell you how many times country songs were played at the memorial services. Their patriotic themes and heartfelt emotions meant so much to US Servicemen and women, and still do today.

I was excited to learn that Danielle Peck’s father was a US Marine. Her patriotism and life lessons definitely show in her lyrics, and her pride in her father’s blue collar roots definitely resounds with me. I was struck by her stage presence as well. You can tell that she really enjoys what she is doing, and that she likes to connect with her fans. This engaging style adds a lot of depth to her impressive vocal talents and songwriting.

Overall, I really like her messages. She balances well between opening her heart and providing rocking anthems for all to enjoy. One thing for sure, I think that this lady has a great future, and I will be there rooting for her along the way!

Featured Tracks

Track 1: Bad for Me

This track represents the cute, sassy, and fun aspects to Danielle Peck’s music. For example, when Peck sings, “I like chocolate, but my hips sure don’t. I like wearing high heels, but tomorrow my feet sure won’t”, she playfully admits that some things in life remain fun, but you have to be prepared for the aftermath. In the chorus lyrics of “But of all the things I shouldn’t do, number one is lovin’ you. Why is everything that feels so dang good bad for me?” Danielle questions common temptations and reminds us that all of our choices have consequence, whether good or bad.

The introduction begins with a steady quarter note beat from the bass drum and some interesting guitar work. In the last measure of the introduction, the drummer offers a great staccato snare tap on beat three, with a rest on beat four. This adds a dramatic pause before the vocals enter in the first verse. The first verse offers very present vocals from Ms. Peck, which drive the verse into the chorus. The supporting musicians perform admirably, steadily driving the music with just enough force to keep it interesting while allowing Ms. Peck’s vocals to stand alone as the showcase.

The chorus displays the incredible vocal range Danielle Peck possesses. The backing instrumental tracks inflect guitar riffs that accentuate the steady 4/4 time signature, but don’t overpower the song. Listeners can tell that the backing musicians are incredibly talented, especially because their presence is noticeable and their subtle improvisations add much depth to the song.

This song is one of the most fun tracks on the album. Listeners will hum the catchy chorus long after they hear the song!

Track 4: Do it for Me

This song displays Dannielle Peck at her very best, which occurs when she opens up her heart and exposes it to her audience. It begins with a slow piano introduction with brilliantly executed ambient guitars. Danielle Peck then enters in the first verse and describes a potential situation in which she will have to tell her parents that their son is dead. She then sings some of the most poignant sets of lyrics on the entire album in the chorus: “If you keep on throwing your life down the drain, putting that poison in your veins. Can’t ya’ see that it’s killing me? And I love you too much to let you go down with the devil on a dead-end road. So ya’ gotta stop I’m begging you please. If you can’t do it for you, would you do it for me?” Listeners will immediately relate to her pain and how they might have experienced similar things in their lives.

The backing instrumentation provided by the musicians remains outstanding throughout the song. In the second verse, the guitarist adds an intricate harmonic riff which enhances the incredible depth of emotion found in this song. Overall, the guitarist contributes some amazing ambient sounds throughout this track, which compliment the powerful vocal tracks while not overpowering the focus of the song. It’s a very interesting contrast. Still, the true talent displayed in this song comes from Ms. Peck herself, with brilliantly executed falsetto vocals in the chorus and emotional style.

At the end of the song, Danielle utters powerful words of encouragement when she sings “I know you can do this.” This uplifting message of overcoming life’s difficult obstacles resonates with listeners and speaks to finding hope in human dignity.

Track 9: This is not Goodbye

This song starts with a beautiful piano introduction with ambient guitars in a supporting role. The heartfelt emotion in this track occurs through the tacit drums during the first and last verse, and also the first chorus. This allows the vocals and painful theme to drive the song, and also adds depth to the execution of this track.

Can’t Behave once again offers powerful lyrics when Peck sings: “This is not goodbye. I’ll be back in a little while. Lift up your head look me in the eye. It’s okay if you need to cry, but, this is not goodbye.” This track portrays the story of a young man’s life through his father leaving home, and then him growing up and leaving home himself, to visiting his mother on her deathbed. This storied journey remains bolstered by the lyrics stated above, and this will resonate with listeners.

The later iterations of the chorus are backed with well placed strings, which create a terrific flow to the mix of the song. As the song segues into the final chorus, the instruments quiet down and the drums drop out. This allows Ms. Peck to deliver a stunning vocal performance as the man sits by his mother’s beside while she departs this earth.

At the end of the song, Danielle Peck’s control of her voice as she fades out could possibly be the most talented vocal display on the entire album. The instrumentation supports Peck’s vocals during this important part of the song, and her voice puts out inspiration that listeners will remember.

Additional Tracks:

We hit the streets and talked to the Baltimore and Washington DC fan base for other buzz worthy tracks. These include: “Brick by Brick”, with inspirational lyrics and pride in her blue collar roots, “Get You Back”, providing one of the sassiest choruses on the entire album and a great beat to dance to, and “That’s what Angel’s do”, a profound and heartfelt look at the people who love us no matter what.


In a musical landscape where formulaic songs are becoming more the norm than ever, Danielle Peck injects her self-made gospel soul with country roots to shake up the mix. She offers a refreshing look at different life circumstances and the great advice of every day common sense. She charms listeners with her unbridled honesty, and also her ability to display many different sides of her personality. From sassy revenge to heartbreaking pleas, this album provides listeners with tracks that will keep them wanting more.

Danielle Peck is a talented vocalist and songwriter, and her best moments on the album come when she shows just how much she cares for those she loves. In the world of country music, her alluring stage presence and unabashed confidence enthralls her audience. Fans of Danielle Peck understand what drives her, and they can relate to her realistic style and appreciation for life. This passion permeates Can’t Behave, and causes an infectious admiration for her tenacity. Here’s to a self made woman who understands that hard work pays off when you follow your heart and vision!

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